Worst Part of Pope Media Coverage is Catholic Church Gets to Pretend it’s Not a Criminal Organization



The over-coverage of the Pope-picking is the epitome of boring, pointless modern-day journalism and from what I’ve seen, CNN has been excelling at doing it. Ted Turner’s channel has to be the most confusing news network in the country. It’s as if it’s ran by a bunch of people who sit around and wonder: “What do people not care about and how can we over-saturate that to the point that people’s brains bleed and deflate?”

Example: America’s hardest-hitting journalist, Erin Burnett, talks pope shoes…

This has been going on for about a month. What’s sad about this, other than the fact that so much time, energy, and electricity has been wasted by CNN by pumping more pointless infotainment onto our already massive dung heap of data, is that the Catholic Church gets to pretend that it’s not a deranged institution that promotes celibacy at the same time it protects men who rape children.

That is the greatest injustice CNN is promoting right now. We are used to them inexhaustibly covering frivolous topics beyond the point of exhaustion, but to give weeks of nearly round-the-clock attention to an institution for reasons other than the fact it is the largest child-raping institution in the history of man, should be considered a criminal act.

I wouldn’t put it past the pedophilia mafia that is the Catholic Church to have concocted the whole Pope resignation as a way to quiet down rumblings of more child rape allegations. They knew that the media would be all over this non-story like a Justin Bieber fart in public. So Benedict stepped down and they inserted the possibility in the American media that (OMG!) an American might be Pope. Wow! Really!?

And the American media would be so enamored with the possibility that Timothy Dolan could be the next freak in an oversized hat who rides around in a bullet-proof car that they would totally forget the fact that this is the same guy who paid $20,000 to priests accused of child molestation to leave the priesthood.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, writer of $20,000 checks.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, writer of $20,000 checks.

That’s right – instead of trying to put accused rapists in prison, he PAID them. A lot of money. Money donated to them by people who thought they were giving to something holy.

And then Dolan lied about it…something he probably didn’t have to admit to in confession since all the other priests were complicit in the crime. I doubt he even had to say a single Hail Mary.

But the point here is not just Dolan. The point is a criminal organization is being fetted over simply because it is choosing a new leader when they should be under a massive investigation for fraud and abuse (and that’s just what they’ve done in modern times and not including their historical atrocities).

I realize there are real, non-religious reasons to care who is the next pope – mainly, he will be in charge of an institution that theoretically holds great influence over more than a billion worshippers. But this is a huge theoretical given that the average Catholic is most likely not going to change much of what he or she does simply because the pope said so. And let’s be honest, what the hell difference is a new pope going to do?

Unless he comes out and says all Catholics should wear condoms, get on birth control, and get an abortion if they want, I don’t see many social changes occurring as a result of who is the pope, no matter where he is from.

And if a real miracle were to happen and the new pope said these things, poverty would still be an issue in terms of family planning, thus having little impact on reducing the number of abortions.

In the U.S., where less than 20% of the population of the population is Catholic:

Researchers from the Guttmacher Institute found the unintended pregnancy rate among women with incomes below the federal poverty line jumped by 50 percent between 1994 and 2006, the latest date available, from 88 per 1,000 to 132.

The poorer you are, the less access to health care you have and, as a result, the more unplanned pregnancies poor people have. That rule would likely follow in a place like Brazil, where the majority of the population is Catholic on paper.

A pope who came out and said abortion was okay could have great implications in a place like Brazil, where it is illegal unless the life of the mother is in danger (but many do it illegally, anyways), but like I said, we’d be talking about a miracle that would indicate the church trying to undo its more than a  thousand years of fuckery.

And that’s not gonna happen.

As for the argument that the Catholic Church does some good, well…the Catholic Church is also one of the wealthiest property owners in the world. So wealthy, nobody knows how much they have because they don’t want anybody to know. They also pay very few taxes and no property taxes in Europe and the U.S., despite running a billion-dollar enterprise. So they should be feeding somebody.

And I’d love to see the total cost value of the harm the Church causes and taxes they get away without paying versus the “good” they actually do.

I know this post might seem like some Catholic Church-bashing…and it is, but it’s not personal. The Church has done some good in its history, like helping European colonizers see that Native Americans are human-beings (though that didn’t stop Catholic priests from shoving their beliefs down the Indians’ throats by any means necessary, according to this book), but as a modern-day political institution, it’s downright wretched and criminal.

But just because the frocked mafia is picking a new Godfather, CNN is all over them like a priest on a choir boy…all in the name of infotainment.

*Note: for more on the Catholic Church’s finances, read The Economist report from 2012.

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